What is your health destiny?

“Tell me, do you know what your three most important values are?”

For over 25 years I have been asking my patients this question.

Often the response will be something like “Well I’ve never really thought about it!”

So, with a little encouragement and some time to think, out it proudly comes… “My health!”

‘Health’ always makes the list, every time, without fail.

Everyone rates their health as being of high importance…often their highest value. Clearly, our health matters to us!

Yet, if you’re like most people, you’re likely to get caught up in the busyness of your day-to-day life and nurturing your health gets relegated to the ‘If-I-Get-Time’ part of your brain. Time that will rarely just magically appear. And so another day, week or month passes by with little attention given to our long-term health.

Do you ever stop and think about how often putting health-boosting lifestyle activities on the back-burner is not only shaping your life now…but also your health destiny?

What is your health destiny?

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare the outlook for your health is somewhat grim. Consider that almost 10% of Aussie kids 0 – 14 years have three or more chronic diseases with this figure increasing to more than 80% for those aged 65 years and over. Examples of these chronic diseases include asthma, osteoarthritis, depression, type II diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity.

Sadly, these chronic poor lifestyle diseases are now so commonplace that we have become complacent and accept that poor health is just an expected consequence of “bad luck” or “bad genes” or “bad germs” or even “that’s just the way it is…what can you do?”.

You may be surprised that there is little to no good science to support that any of these commonly held beliefs reasons are in fact true. Chronic illness is far less likely to be a result of bad luck, bad germs or bad genes and far more likely to be the result of bad choices!

'Chronic illness is far less likely to be a result of bad luck, bad germs or bad genes and far more likely to be the result of bad choices!'

You are meant to enjoy a long and healthy, active life. In fact, there is consensus that humans should live for 105 – 115 years… and should be in good health for most of that time!

For almost all of us, living this long and being healthy is not what is going to happen. Continually putting health on the back-burner not only inevitably leads to suffering poor health… but commonly ends life prematurely.

You deserve better. It is your birthright to live a long, healthy life. Now is the time to choose your health destiny.

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