Apple or doughnut?

The simple everyday choices you make have the greatest impact in determining not only the quality of your health…but also the quality of your life.

The everyday lifestyle choices that you make are a big deal!

“Will I eat the apple or eat the doughnut?”

“Will I go out for a walk or lie on the couch watching Game of Thrones?”

Will I see myself in the mirror and say, “Lookin’ good…again!” or think I look “fat and ugly”?

It is many everyday lifestyle choices like these that have got you where you are now… as well as where you are heading into the future. The good news is you get to choose!

Ask yourself, “Are my choices moving me towards a shorter, worse life…or towards a longer, better life?”

Better health comes from better choices!

“Well that seems obvious. If I make better choices, I’ll enjoy better health. Fair enough!”

But what exactly are “better choices”?

There is no doubt it can be very confusing to figure out what is actually a better choice or what is just marketing-hype cleverly designed to misled you. And then there are the so-called “health experts” who will convincingly sell you on just how amazing their latest factory-made super smoothie is and how you will easily lose inches off your waistline and leap-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound too! What about the scientists who will publish data telling us one thing one day and then something completely different the next…often depending on who is funding the research.

So how are you to know if you are making better choices or not?

Better choices are always going to be 'genetically–congruent'.

"What the heck does that mean?"

What genetically-congruent essentially means is anything that your genes have been familiar with over eons of time. For example, eating an apple is a genetically-congruent. Your genes are very familiar with how to turn an apple into healthy eyeball or other body part. On the other hand, eating a doughnut (or potato chips, chocolate, drinking soft drinks or alcohol) are genetically-incongruent choices because your genes have no idea how to use these unfamiliar substances to build a healthy body. Better choices are always going to be 'genetically–congruent'.

Every lifestyle choice you make that is genetically-incongruent is going to move you towards a shorter, worse life.

Any choice you make that is genetically-congruent is going to move you towards a longer, better life.

'Better choices are always going to be genetically–congruent'

It’s time for you to choose better. Time to take responsibility for your health and your life. Even if it’s just one easy ‘genetically congruent’ choice a day.

Eat the apple…ditch the doughnut.

Walk the dog…get off the couch.

See your beauty…don’t search for “flaws”.

Have you made any ‘genetically-congruent’ lifestyle choices today?

Have you made any ‘genetically-incongruent’ lifestyle choices today?

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